Website changes in 2016

This website is intended as a source of helpful information about bullying, primarily in workplaces but in other situations too. It first appeared in 1996, created by the late Tim Field, and continues to promote Tim’s insights through the web.

One of BullyOnLine’s main benefits has always been felt by people who were suffering very unfair, often underhand and devious treatment at work, by revealing to them that their experience had a name and was predictable, and they were not to blame for it. Similarly, it has taught people who were beset by unprecedented psychological conditions that they could not explain, about the relationship between bullying, stress, anxiety, depression and other illnesses. The website has enlightened, validated and empowered bullied people for almost two decades. As well as describing bullying in considerable detail, Tim Field studied the characteristics of the people behind the bullying, and it was his settled belief that many displayed character traits in common with classic psychopaths. is now being radically overhauled:

  • The site has always existed as a collection of static web pages. It is being recreated using modern software so it can be used on computers, tablets and smart phone screens, with the potential for translation into other languages.
  • The most popular content relating to workplace bullying is being maintained. Material that will be removed is that which is outdated, no longer relevant or which covers a topic outside the remit of the Tim Field Foundation. Reputable bodies exist to address such topic areas with greater expertise than we could hope for, e.g. school or child bullying. Where possible we will provide links to suitable sources of help.
  • The maintained content is being edited / redrafted in part, to present Tim Field’s insights from a more objective viewpoint, to appeal to a wider audience.

The old website remains accessible through the menu link above, but as pages are replaced, they will only be available via this front page.

We welcome and will consider any suggestions as to what readers would like to read more about. Please use the contact form.

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