Case 007 - NHS

Female. NHS.

I have worked for the past seven years in a large central London Trust, I worked initially with Ms P on private instrument evaluations. We worked well together, never argued, worked efficiently and had many letters of thank-you from grateful clients.

Two years ago Ms P went on maternity leave and our boss (Prof M) decided to have his current girlfriend fill her maternity leave position. Prof M is a serial adulterer and his girlfriend Ms B was also married. When Ms P returned from her leave her job was no longer available as Ms B had replaced her permanently. I initially tried to get along with Ms B but she had an unpleasant tendency of repeating falsehoods and constantly criticising my competence in a area that I had successfully performed for seven years. Prof M naturally sided with her, becoming abusive, insulting and isolated me from all levels of responsibility.

One day I had a needle stick injury from an HIV patient and had to take anti-HIV medication for a month that caused physical illness. Prof M told me if I was not happy to get another job.

On a recent conference trip I became ill. Ms B aware I was not well, rather than show any compassion, needled Prof M. On our return he told me my behaviour was a disgrace. (My behaviour was to stay in my room rather than cough over people and watch Prof M humiliate his wife and Ms B's husband who also attended the conference).

Ms B deliberately undermined my competence, criticised every aspect of my performance and actually disposed of a large batch of data before I had finished working with it. Her level of knowledge was inadequate but it did not stop her in quest to belittle me. She held an unfair advantage, as Prof M would not listen to me. His response was aggressive, abusive and to flail his fists around in front of my face. He would continue his tirade against me for weeks, repeating my supposed faults to the rest of the staff.

After a repeated bout of criticism, abuse and threatening behaviour I had a nervous collapse. The human resources department rather than having any sympathy were more concerned about my ability to "prove the allegations". They did not show the slightest concern for the improper or unfair treatment I had received.

After waiting 11 months I finally took my bullying boss to an industrial tribunal. I was unrepresented whilst the Trust had the best the public's money could buy. I lost the case but had the satisfaction of seeing my ex-boss commit perjury. The Trust went to extraordinary lengths to discredit me - including having letters written attesting to my incompetence - funny thing was - I did not do any of the work these people complained of. The Trust won but have to pay legal costs in excess of £35,000. I have to pay £5,000 of their costs - ultimately the taxpayer will pay - a rather high price for an inadequate individual who should never have been put in a position of authority.

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