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Bullying case histories

Case Sector Features
1 Voluntary Charity shop
2 Public sector Customer services manager for software development department in a government organisation being privatised
3 Voluntary Community fundraiser for a large local branch of a national charity
4 Public Police officer, law enforcement
5 Private Retail sector, photography
6 Public, education Senior Manager and Head of Special Needs Faculty in a large comprehensive school
7 Public, NHS Large central London NHS Trust, private instrument evaluations
8 Private Fish processing industry
9 Family Bullying in rhyme
10 Charity Collating, developing and promoting Primary Healthcare Information
11 Public, education Further education, secretarial typing and administration
12 Private Aerospace manufacturing company, shop floor production worker and labourer.
14 Public Australian public sector
15 Public, education University
16 Community Neighbourhood bullying and harassment of shop owner
17 Charity Administrator in a children's nursery
18 Public NHS Trust orthopaedic department
19 Private Motor trade
20 Community Bullying by landlord of protected tenant
21 Public Community nursing
22 Not-for-profit Bullying and harassment of receptionist in credit reporting company
23 Private Musical instrument manufacturer
24 Public Police force
25 Public Top university research centre
26 Private Nursing home
27 Public Museum
28 Private Secretary in a TV broadcasting company
29 Public Medical secretary in NHS hospital
30 Community Personal vendetta
31 Public Local government
32 Public Care of learning-disable adults
33 Public Central government
34 Private Global communications company
35 Private Legal services company
36 Private Chauffeur
38 Public Corrections institute working with youthful male offenders
39 Public Public health senior analyst in the NHS
40 Private Bullying of choir boys in church school
41 Private Production assistant for a marketing communications company
42 Public NHS network and system support IT department
43 Private Accounts department in a small private company
44 Public Social services home care
45 Private News media
47 Private Residential care home
48 Public Bullying in school
49 Private Call centre
50 Private Solicitor's office
51 Private Stress breakdown in a utility corporation
52 Private Legal profession
53 Private Bullying by staff in pre-school
55 Private A well-known high-street retailer
56 Private Construction industry
57 Public - education Art and Special Needs Teacher in a State School
58 Public - school Memories of being beaten up at school
59 Private Legal secretary in a small law firm
60 Not for profit Senior manager's administrative support worker in a national charity
61 Social Destruction of social life and relationships
62 Private Manager in a heavy chemical company
63 Public Australian local government
64 Private Abuse in a boys preparatory school
65 Public NHS 
66 Community Bullying by a neighbor
68 Public - education Pupil Referral Unit (PRU)
69 Public Australian State Public Service
70 Charity Charity for the protection of health and the relief of poverty, distress and sickness
71 Community Neighbour and former friend
72 Public Local government
73 Private Private business
74 Public Teaching assistant in a USA university
75 Public Australian university
76 Voluntary Voluntary sector agency
77 Private Automotive component manufacturer
78 Public Secretary in a USA university
79 Public Medical secretary in NHS Trust
80 Voluntary Counselling / helping type of organisation
81 Private Private agency supporting adults with learning disabilities
82 Public Grammar School in Australia
83 Public Bullying of doctor by a secretary
84 Private Certified nursing assistant in a care home
85 Public An experienced teacher comments on bullying in the teaching profession
86 Public Health Care Professional in the NHS
87 Public Grammar school in England
88 Public Public sector in the USA
89 Private House Matron at a well known English public school
90 Private Underwriter in a national mortgage company
91 Public Primary school in Australia
92 Public Small school system in the USA
93 Voluntary Charity for people with alcohol problems
94 Public Administrator in a small local government organisation
95 Public Security manager in an Australia University
96 Private Private medical practice
97 Public School sports
98 Private US defense contractor
99 Family Bullies in the family
100 Private Computing industry
101 Family Family bullying
102 Public Education system in Western Australia
103 Private Turning the tide against the office browbeater
104 Public Failure of MOD to deal with workplace harassment
105 Public Proofreader
106 Public County council

Important Notice

After ten years of almost non-stop work Tim Field has decided to take a break so he can concentrate on writing. His projects include a book on serial bullies (estimated availability: 2005), and a book on the spiritual meaning within trauma. A film script featuring bullying at work is also under way.

Tim thanks you for your understanding that he is not able to include more case histories at this time whilst he's immersed in the writing process.

Visit Tim's online bookshop for books on bullying and psychiatric injury available now.

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