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Index of press releases about bullying

# Date Title Issued by
1 4 December 1996 Workplace bullying costing industry and taxpayers twelve billion UK pounds per year Tim Field
2 28 November 1996 One in eight UK workers are victims of bullying reveals new IPD survey Institute of Personnel and Development
3 12 February 1997 Sun Alliance bullying case to be reheard Lyn Witheridge
4 2 March 1997 Bullying Advice Line founder welcomes stress brain damage research Tim Field
5 19 May 1997 Office bullies are bad for business Institute of Personnel and Development
6 2 June 1997 New technology triggers explosion in workplace bullying Novell
7 20 April 1998 Internet web site launched to counter bullying epidemic Tim Field
8 28 July 1999 Irish Minister for Labour Affairs announces new initiative to combat workplace bullying Irish Health & Safety Authority
9 29 July 1999 UK ACAS advisory leaflets: Bullying and harassment at work ACAS UK
10 1 November 1999 6000 school bullying payout Liz Carnell
11 15 February 2000 Management cultures are still putting children at risk Freedom to Care
12 11 May 2000 NUT wins 300,000 Settlement for stress case teacher NUT
13 4 December 2000 NASUWT claims record stress compensation for teacher NASUWT
14 10 April 2001 Launch of Landmark Report on Bullying in the Workplace Irish Health & Safety Authority
15 25 April 2001 Secret Whistleblower awarded 140,000 Public Concern at Work
16 8 May 2001 Groundbreaking bullying stress damages award Cloisters
17 3 October 2001 Irish Labour Party Conference votes to set up Ombudsman's office to deal with complaints of bullying Campaign against Bullying
18 22 August 2003 NUJ targets broadcasting bullies. Union report published NUJ
19 4 September 2003 Nuclear industry expert sacked unfairly says tribunal Burnetts Solicitors
24 28 September 2004 College Pays 15,000 Disability Discrimination Compensation and Apologises to Employee Russell Jones & Walker Solicitors
25 29 August 2005 Bullying Online forces government U-turn on school bullying Bullying OnLine

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