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Brainwashing, control freak, threats, guilt, manipulation? Sounds like bullying

Cults, cult leaders and cultic influences

Cults prey on vulnerable and emotionally needy people. Cult leaders are charismatic, dominating, plausible, but have a Jekyll and Hyde nature. They manipulate and control people with guilt and threat. Their tactics of control amount to brainwashing. Often they are grooming and sexually abusing cult members, including children. Their words sound plausible and compelling but when analysed their sentences are often disjointed and rambling, comprising quotes from scripture alternating with threats of eternal damnation.

If you believe you're being targeted by a cult, check out the Cult-101 checklist of cult characteristics.

The cult leader is likely to have a behaviour profile similar to the serial bully.

Cult Information Centre

Rick Ross - cult expert, lecturer and intervention specialist

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