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Half the population are bullied ... most only recognize it when they read this

Bullying and facial disfigurement
Birth defect, accident, burns, cherubism, cleft palate

Around 1 in 100 children suffer facial disfigurement from a variety of causes including birth defect, birth trauma, illness, accident, and violence.

Some causes of facial disfigurement are genetic, as in cherubism which results in a distended chin and bulging eyes. Cosmetic surgery, or "westernisation rhinoplasty", is possible but Vicky Lucas decided not to have surgery.

Bullies will focus on any perceived "weakness" or vulnerability or difference- and anyone who is facially disfigured cannot hide their disfigurement - and use it as a specious justification for aggression. See my page on child bullying for a more detailed explanation.

Bullying is so common that half the population, I believe, have experienced being bullied. Click here to identify the bullying episodes in your life. Then explore Bully OnLine to learn how to recognize the bullies before they damage your health, destroy your career and wreck your life.

For more information on facial disfigurement and how to cope see the Changing Faces website.

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