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Drug rape
Date rape drugs with the street name of roofies

Drug rape is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the UK. Not only females are at risk, as 12% of calls to The Roofie Foundation are from males. The drugs, of which the best known is rohypnol, are tasteless and odourless, are absorbed quickly by the body, and cleansed from the body sometimes before memory of the rape has returned.

The following advice is provided by The Roofie Foundation:


Always be aware of the danger that, wherever you are, someone may try to spike your drink. Therefore the Roofie Foundation offers the following advice:

How to tell if you've been spiked

Everyone is aware of his or her own, personal tolerance to alcohol. If you feel odd, nauseous, slightly drunk, or wasted after only a couple of drinks, and you know that you cannot be drunk, there is more than a chance that your drink has been spiked. If so, go immediately to a place of safety.

If you are with a friend tell them of your worries; get them to get you out of the place as soon as possible and to get you home either in their car or by cab. Once safely home ask them to stay with you until the effects of the drug have worn off the following morning.

However be very sure that you implicitly trust the person or friend you are asking. Many of our victims have been raped by people they know, in some cases workmates and colleagues, in some cases friends of friends or acquaintances, and in many cases the date that they went out with that night.

If you are alone or with a stranger go to the landlord or manager and tell them. It is important to get to a place of safety as soon as possible, get the landlord to put you in his or her private accommodation or an office whilst they ring a taxi or a friend, or your parents to get you home safely. If possible always make sure that you are accompanied by a trusted friend.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES LET A STRANGER OFFER TO HELP YOU OR TAKE YOU ANYWHERE - THEY COULD BE THE RAPIST. It is alarming how many victims have been taken back to their own home by their attacker and raped in their own beds.

If you think you've been raped

Sounds odd doesn't it, but remember these drugs take away your memory. If you wake up in a strange place or even if you wake up in your own bed and your underwear is scattered around the room, if you have any physical evidence on your body, if you have sore genital areas, or bruising, you've probably been raped.

If you fear you have been raped whilst under the influence of drugs, taken willingly or not - report it! Go straight to the police and insist that they take a urine and blood sample, it could prove to be vital forensic evidence. Make sure you are accompanied by a friend or even better a solicitor. Also make sure you visit your doctor or a GU clinic. Never forget the risk of Aids.

The police are keen to point out that anyone reporting being raped whilst under the effect of drugs will NOT be prosecuted for drug taking and will be treated as a normal rape victim.

It is important to get across that, in some cases, the traces of the drug in the body disappear before the memory of the event comes back. Many different times have been given for the drug passing through the body. Some say 5-8 hours, others 8-12 hours. Evidence in Britain seems to point to that fact that forensic traces of these rape drugs can only be picked up within 48 hours. However American forensic tests can pick up traces of the drug after 72 hours, but their police seem to be using different tests, they are also better equipped and are much more aware of the problem,

If by any chance you do not want to go to the police and report the crime then go immediately to your doctor and tell them what has occurred - ask them to check you over and do any tests.

If you need any further advice or help then contact The Roofie Foundation Helpline number 0800 783 2980 or read the information on the Roofie Foundation's web site.

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Have a look through this web site to recognise the bullies and bullying in your life ... start with Am I being bullied? then move on to What is bullying? To find out what you can do about bullying, click Action to tackle bullying. Have a look at the profile of the serial bully which is common to sociopathic managers, harassers, stalkers, rapists, violent partners, abusers, pedophiles, even serial killers of the organized kind.

Recommended reading

The gift of fear: survival signals that protect us from violence, Gavin de Becker, Bloomsbury, 1997, ISBN 0-7475-3691-0. How to identify dangerous people before they hurt you, plus information on stalking.


The Roofie Foundation 24 hour helpline 0800 783 2980.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, 14 East Sheen Avenue, London SW14 8AS. The national charity for personal safety. Information on personal safety, school bullying, stalking, etc, Telephone 0181 392 1839, Fax 0181 392 1830.

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