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2 March 2003: Lawsuit blow for BAE's Evans, Mail on Sunday, BAe Chief Executive Sir Richard Evans is named in a 450,000 legal action that alleges a breach of the terms of a gagging order designed to prevent details of a controversial industrial tribunal coming to light

20 February 2003: Would you stay at the Port Talbot YMCA? An HTV investigation reveals bullying and other inappropriate behaviour

20 February 2003: When to terrorise the talent, an article in The Economist examines bullying bosses in the wake of encounters between Manchester United's David Beckham and New York Yankee's baseball star Derek Jeter and their respective bosses Sir Alex Ferguson and George Steinbrenner

10 February 2003: Who's being protected by the 100-year ban on special report? An article in the Scottish Daily Record by Simon Houston And Dave King. Suspicions have been aroused over what was known about Thomas Hamilton, the potential damage to a former cabinet minister, and a prominent Scottish lawyer with a possible shared interest in guns.

21 January 2003: The Big Fight, Lucia Graves takes a global look at bullying in Personnel Today

29 July 2002: Executives Are Smitten, and Undone, by Their Own Images: Tim Race writes about workplace narcissism in the New York Times

28 July 2002: Family given 100,000 after Royal Mail staff bullied a man to death, Terri Judd writes in The Independent

30 June 2002: Laurie Mayer writes in the Mail on Sunday about bullying at the BBC

21 June 2002: Staffroom bullying, a four-page feature in the Times Educational Supplement (TES) Friday Magazine. Main text by Tim Field.

26 May 2002: Change law to make bullying bosses pay writes Jo Dillon, Political Correspondent of the Independent on Sunday. Bullying bosses who terrorise colleagues should be forced to pay substantial compensation, according to leading employment pressure group The Work Foundation (formerly The Industrial Society).

8 May 2002: Bullycide: why are so many youngsters - particularly girls - driven to take their own lives? David Cohen writes in the UK Daily Mail.

3 May 2002: Bullies roam the workplace, too Joey Thompson writes in The Province at

1 May 2002: Sugar & Spice and Not So Nice: Moms Flock to Symposium on Adolescent Girls' Behavior, Laura Sessions Stepp writes in the Washington Post

25 April 2002: Driven out by bullies, a story of bullying and sexual violence in New Zealand

23 April 2002: Employment law clinic No 13 Bullying - how to deal with bullying of employees by clients. From Personnel Today.

30 March 2002: BMJ Bullying in Medicine, letters page

15 March 2002: Workplace bullying's high cost: $180M in lost time, productivity, Liz Urbanski Farrell writes in the Orlando Business Journal

3 March 2002: Mean girls Schoolgirls' ways of being cruel to each other are now so insidious and sophisticated that their victims can feel the devastating effects well into adulthood, report Amelia Hill and Edward Helmore in the Observer

28 February 2002: Teenage girls are now meaner than the guys, Maureen Down writes in the International Herald and Tribune

25 February 2002: Bully at Work - Interview with Tim Field by Sam Vaknin, UPI Business Correspondent

24 February 2002: Girls Just Want to Be Mean Margaret Talbot examines girl-on-girl bullying in the New York Times magazine (you have to register but it's free).

24 February 2002: Share the responsibility for a happy workplace by Gillian Cribbs, a look at stress at work

1 February 2002: The hidden cost of a bully on the balance sheet, article by Tim Field in Accounting & Business, February 2002

26 January 2002: Chinese kids don't feel safe in school: a report from APA

18 January 2002: Short bursts of stress can have long-term effects: CBC news reports on a study in Israel into clues as to the molecular root of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

14 December 2001: The poisoned workplace. Office bullies prey on co-workers and subordinates through harassment and intimidation. Nancy J White writes in The Toronto Star.

6 December 2001: Someone to lean on. Dominique Hammond writes in People Management, the fortnightly magazine of the CIPD. Bullying is alarmingly prevalent in the British workplace and some areas of the public sector in particular, but all too often it is accepted as part of the culture. Why are organisations failing their employees?

1 December 2001: Bullying in medicine. British Medical Journal (BMJ) online. A junior doctor describes her encounter with a bully in the operating theatre: "The tears ran down my face, hidden by my surgical mask. My consultant continued relentlessly, "Why can't you do this? It really isn't hard. Are you stupid? Can't you see how to help me?"

December 2001: Battle workplace bullies. Not only are bullies a nuisance, they can cost your company money. Lorna Lynch writes in Profit Magazine.

28 November 2001: Serious Bullying: Dangerously Underrated Problem May Be at Root of Shootings and Suicides. Barbara Walters writes at . November 28: Authorities say a planned massacre at a New Bedford, Massachusetts, high school could have been another Columbine - or perhaps even worse - if police hadn't gotten wind of a group of students' alleged plot to detonate explosives, shoot classmates, and then kill themselves. The students have pleaded not guilty, but according to police reports, the five teens who allegedly planned the attack had complained of being picked on and called names. A note found by a janitor at the school spoke of "getting everyone back for calling us names and beating us with ugly sticks."

19 September 2001: The ogre in our midst: one in three NHS staff has suffered bullying, according to a new survey. Jane Feinmann writes in The Guardian

May 2001: Giving Workers the Treatment: If you raise a stink, you go to a shrink! Peter Downs writes about a disturbing trend whereby any worker who blows the whistle on bullying (and hence incompetent management) is forced to visit a psychiatrist.

10 March 2001: Psycho bosses on the loose: are you in their line of fire? Hilary Freeman writes about psychopathic bosses in the Rise section for graduate of The Guardian

November 2000: Change Agent 41: Why are we willing to tolerate bullies? by Seth Godin, Fast Company issue 41, page 316.

November 2000: Why bullying at work has to stop, Good Housekeeping

19 October 2000: My boss tried to strangle me, Special Report, Bella

14 August 2000: They call it "mobbing": Karen Lowry Miller writes in Newsweek

June 1999: Workplace violence experts see lessons from Littleton, Robert W Thompson, US Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) HR News, Vol 18, No 6

November 1998: Danger: Toxic Company, Alan M Webber, Fast Company online magazine. The problem isn't that loyalty is dead or that careers are history. The real problem, argues Stanford's Jeffrey Pfeffer, is that so many companies are toxic ... and that they get exactly what they deserve.

1 July 1998: Bully bosses from hell, Vicki Heywood, EVA, IPC Magazines, King's Reach Tower, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS, Tel 0171 261 5000, Fax 0171 261 6313/6442, web site

24 June 1998: Ways to get the better of the bully at work, Alison Maitland, Financial Times

March 1998: Are you being bullied at work?, Family Circle. IPC Magazines, King's Reach Tower, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS, Tel 0171 261 5000, Fax 0171 261 5929, web site

January/February 1998: How to handle a toxic boss, XL magazine. XL for men, Mappin House, 4 Winsley Street, London W1N 7AR, Tel 0171 436 1515, Fax 0171 312 8787 email

29 January 1998: Not so bully for the one on the receiving end, Stephen Overell, Appointments section, Daily Telegraph

January 1998: Too old to be bullied? Think again..., 19 magazine, 19, IPC Magazines, Room 2909, King's Reach Tower, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS, Tel 0171 261 5000, Fax 0171 261 7634, email, web site

11 January 1998: Don't let bullies wreck your life, Margaret Coles, Appointments section, Sunday Times

19 November 1997: There's only one way of dealing with the office bully, right?, Kate Hilpern writing in the Independent (p2 City+)

24 October 1997: Bring the bullies to book, Elizabeth Holmes, Times Educational Supplement (TES) First Appointments,

September 1997: Bullying doesn't end at school, Prima, Gruner & Jahr AG & Co, Portland House, Stag Place, London SW1E 5AU, Tel 0171 245 8700

16 September 1997: It's not only kids who get bullied, Woman's Realm, IPC Magazines Ltd, King's Reach Tower, Stamford Street, London SE1 0LS, Tel 0171 261 5000, web site

July/August 1997: Toxic Office Syndrome, Zest, National Magazine Company, National Magazine House, 72 Broadwick Street, London W1V 2BP, Tel 0171 439 5000, Fax 0171 439 5632, email

12 July 1997: Yes, I live with a psychopath, Robert Matthews writes more about psychopaths following a flood of letters in response to his previous article. Sunday Telegraph

10 May 1997: Are you married to a psychopath? Robert Matthews writes in The Sunday Telegraph

10 May 1997: Go-getting managers revealed as psychopaths, Robert Matthews writes in The Sunday Telegraph

10 May 1997: How to spot the socialised psycho, Robert Matthews tells you how to recognise a psychopath, Sunday Telegraph

The bully at work, Tim Field, Welfare World, four-part series starting in Issue 3, early summer 1997, Welfare World, Institute of Welfare Officers, Suite 334, 78 Marylebone High Street, London W1M 3DE, Fax 01235 769272 (journal for counsellors and welfare officers). Copies of issues 3, 4, 5 and 6 with Tim Field's articles are available from the IWO price 1.50 each including postage and packing. Please make cheques payable to "The Institute of Welfare Officers".

Bully in sight, Tim Field, Perspectives, page 18, Nursing Standard, 23 July 1997, email, web site

Bullying in the workplace, Tolley's Health and Safety at Work, July/August 1997
The cause of stress revealed, Tim Field, Tolley's Health and Safety at Work, Nov/Dec 1997

Inflictors of misery, Jan Gauntlett, Biomedical Scientist, June 1996

Workplace bullies under the cosh, Paul Gosling, Independent on Sunday, 28 January 1996

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