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harassment, bullying, sexual, sex, discrimination, racial, race, sexism, racism, mobbing
Half the population suffer bullying, harassment and discrimination ... most only recognize it when they read this

Bullying, harassment and discrimination
including sexual harassment, sex discrimination, racial harassment, racial discrimination

What is harassment?

Harassment is any form of unwanted and unwelcome behaviour which may range from mildly unpleasant remarks to physical violence.

Harassment is termed sexual harassment if the unwanted behaviours are linked to your gender or sexual orientation. The EU definition of sexual harassment is "unwanted conduct of a sexual nature or other conduct based on sex affecting the dignity of men and women at work".

Racial harassment is when the behaviours are linked to your skin colour, race, cultural background, etc. In countries with sectarian tradition (eg as in Ireland) the term sectarian harassment is often used if the behaviours are linked to your religious beliefs or perceived religious origin or inclination. If the harassment is physical, the criminal law of assault may be appropriate. If the harassment comprises regular following, watching, repeated unsolicited contact or gifts, etc, the term stalking may be appropriate.

Discrimination is when you are treated differently (eg less favourably) because of your gender, race or disability.

The differences between harassment and bullying are summarised on the page on bullying. Briefly, harassment tends to have a strong physical component and is usually linked to gender, race, disability or physical violence; bullying tends to be a large number of incidents (individually trivial) over a long period comprising constant unjustified and unsubstantiated criticism. To see quickly if you're being bullied click here.

Areas of UK law that apply to harassment

The principal areas of UK law relating to harassment comprise:

Bullying is the common denominator of harassment, discrimination, abuse, violence etc, so see other relevant laws on the legal page and case law page. The source of most bullying and harassment can usually be traced to one individual. Most people know one person in their life with this profile - who is it in your life?

Bullying and harassment (at work, in society, at school and at home) is a major cause of injury to health, both physical and mental. To see how prolonged negative stress (such as that caused by bullying and harassment) causes injury to health, click here. Over time, bullying and harassment result in trauma, which is a psychiatric injury, the collective symptoms of which often constitute Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Click here for details; the page also tell you the difference between mental illness and psychiatric injury - important for re-empowerment and legal action.


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