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Half the population are bullied ... most only recognize it when they read this

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Andrea Adams Trust National Workplace Bullying Survey

Take part in the Andrea Adams Trust National Workplace Bullying Survey : visit


No Bully For Me Survey

Take part in the Canadian No Bully For Me Bullying Survey : visit

Bullying on the basis of body size

I'm Marion Umney and I'm a mature student doing research for a PhD at Middlesex University on how being very overweight affects people's experiences at work. I would like to interview men and women living in England or Wales who are very overweight (BMI of 30+). I'm particularly interested to hear from anyone who believes they have experienced bullying, harassment or discrimination at work because of their size. The interviews would be face to face, take about an hour and would be completely confidential. I can be contacted, in the first instance, by e-mail at

Workplace Bullying in the Performing Arts

My name is Anne-Marie Quigg and this year I am completing my PhD research work at the Department of Cultural Policy and Management, City University on workplace bullying in the performing arts. Last year I undertook a study of BECTU members working in theatres and arts centres in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the findings of which were that 2 in every 5 theatre employees are targeted by bullies. The results were consistent across all areas of work: from box office employees to backstage technicians, from cleaners to marketing staff.

I am now gathering individual case studies for inclusion in my final thesis. If you have experienced or witnessed bullying in an arts workplace, I would be interested in hearing from you. Strict confidentiality will be maintained in all cases. Please take a moment to contact me at, telephone 01422 204405 or 07793 608056.

Malcolm Lewis is undertaking a PhD study into the perceptions of nurses and their managers in the NHS to bullying. This is a sociological ethnographic study to mainly look at meanings and causation. Existing paradigms fail to adequately deal, or explain the problems within nursing and the NHS as an organisation. I would be interested in hearing from any qualified nurses who are being, or have been bullied (in strict confidence). I can be contacted at: Malcolm Lewis, Senior Lecturer (Health Studies), Harrington Building Ha306, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, PR1 2HE 01772 893405. Email

My name is Jillian White. I am a counsellor working in Brisbane, Australia. I have a Master of Counselling degree and ten years experience counselling in several areas. My study area of special interest was workplace bullying looking especially at the process of recovery. I would like to offer free counselling to anyone who has, or is currently being bullied and feels they could benefit from discussing any of the many associated problems with a professional counsellor on line. If you are interested please email me on

I'm Nancy Gray and I'm writing a dissertation titled "Bullies in the Faculty Lounge." I have completed several initial studies and I have found that schools that have an environment that promotes bullying often have a bullying administration that chooses not to address or correct the problem. Many have been bullies and see bullying as a normal part of the school environment, a right of passage, a way to determine playground pecking order, or a way to show supremacy--these administrators also tend to bully their staff and the faculty lounge begins to look more like a middle school playground than a professional academic environment.

I would like to hear from anyone who has a story to tell. My research includes teachers who have been bullied, students who have been bullied or are being bullied, adults who were bullied as children. I am looking at the teacher and administrator role in bullying, not just the role of the child and the parent. Bullying doesn't take place in a vacuum--it is almost always witnessed by someone, often a teacher--teachers say one of the reasons they don't speak up is because of fear of retaliation by a bullying administrator or a group of bullying teachers. This must stop. I can be reached at this email address

My name is Keina and I am a Provisionally Chartered Psychologist currently completing my Ph.D. at the University of Alberta in Canada. Personal experience and observation during my time in graduate school has generated an interest in the frequency of bullying within the helping professions. I am particularly interested in incidents where students, clients, interns, and/or colleagues have been bullied/threatened by professionals in the fields of Psychology, Social Work, or Psychiatry. I am also interested in whether any action was taken by the target of this abuse and the results of this action. For example: Were the incidents reported to a Professional Organization or other governing body and if so, what was the result of this. Although I would like to use the geographic location of these incidents (with respect to country) no other identifying information will be used. If you have been the target of this type of abuse or you have observed others being bullied by a helping professional, I would appreciate your input. I can be contacted at (please note - this is a new email address - if you emailed the previous address, please email again). Thank you.

Stop Bullying: Iím Georgina Seldon and Iím currently researching for a documentary about bullying. I am studying BA Television Production at Bournemouth University. Iím interested in getting in contact with people who are willing to share their experiences of bullying whether it be school bullying, bullying within the workplace or perhaps friends and family of a victim of bullying. The objective of the piece is to make a powerful statement against bullying and to raise awareness of the issue with the aim to help others in similar situations. Filming is due to take place on the 30/31st October and I need your help. If you would like to take part or feel you could help with research please contact Georgina Seldon in confidence either by telephone: 07890 478803 or email:

The Psychological Consequences of Harassment, # Stalking and Cyberstalking: I'm James McFarlane and I'm undertaking a study to examine the psychopathological consequences of harassment for victims and to analyse data pertaining to different methods of harassment. This project has been cleared by the Ethics Committee of Manchester Metropolitan University. The research is in two parts: 3 short questionnaires which aim to find out about how their harassment and/or stalking has or has not affected them, and then an interview about their actual experience(s) of harassment. The study is entirely confidential. Contact

The Police Brutality Prevention Project: I'm Barbara Sue Mink Spalding, founder of the Police Brutality Prevention Project in Southern California, and I'm researching and investigating police brutality in the United States and abroad, with the aim to reduce it significantly. I'm looking for people who have have had trouble with the police: repeated, malicious verbal harassment of a general nature, including sexual harassment or discrimination based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation or religion); repeated interogations, or being stopped, without reasonable cause; incidences of unlawful search and seisure; having false charges filed against you (with or without your knowledge); being uninformed of court dates; being denied Miranda rights in the US (being being questioned without a lawyer present); denied access to appropriate legal representation (denied phone calls, etc.); told that you had better cooperate, or police protection at another time might be denied; or receiving rude or inconsiderate treatment in any way. I, too, am especially interested in talking with people who experienced short or long-term health effects from the abuse -- stress, depression, insomnia, nightmares, phobias, gastrointestinal troubles, etc. -- or whose careers or lives were significantly impacted by it. Also, if you have been in jail or prison for any reason, I am interested in your story, too, especially about the general conditions and treatment your received. Please e-mail me at All information will be held in strict confidence, and used only by permission of those I interview.

Human Rights Commission of Texas: Has the Human Rights Commission of Texas ever turned you away because you were subjected to an "equal opportunity abuser"? Did you have problems having your case heard, yet you were treated with hostility and abuse at work? If so, I would like to interview you for a research project. You can remain anonymous. Email

I'm Sarah and I'm currently undertaking a survey as part of a dissertation for an MA in Industrial Relations. I am trying to explore issues around the representation of Trade Union members in cases of bullying - both those involving raising a grievance but also disciplinary cases. I would like to hear your experience of accessing union support and how this may have helped or hindered the resolution of the case. If you feel you able to contribute please email me at before 1st June 2002. Confidentiality will of course be protected.

Updated  DEFRA, Sungard Sherwood, Atos Origin staff or Contractors who have observed, experienced, or are currently experiencing bullying in the workplace, you are not alone, for advice and support contact Andy Taylor +44(0)1444 443088, email

I am currently researching for a HRM Degree on Bullying in the workplace. I am looking to do my research on two different occupational sectors in the Small, Medium Enterprise (SME) market but anything would be useful at this stage. I have not chosen which sectors yet, but would welcome information on the subject from any angle. Please e-mail me at - thank you.

Childhood Bullying: Repercussions in Adulthood

I am a mature third year student at Middlesex University currently researching how being bullied as a child affects people in adulthood. Based on personal experience, I am interested in hearing from anyone who feels their childhood experiences has affected them, for example emotionally, in forming friendships or coping in the workplace. As a guide, I have listed below some points that would be useful, but please feel free to answer in whatever form you feel most comfortable.

Points for consideration:

My email is Unfortunately, I will not be able to answer you personally. Your help is very much appreciated, thank you.

Research Request

Pre-menstrual Syndrome, or PMS, is a condition which is generally accepted as a hormonal imbalance that affects women only. I am research PMS to take a closer look at this condition and how it affects society. My hypothesis is that this "condition" is a mislabelled set of symptoms (I do not deny the symptoms) which has a greater societal cause and may be directly related to bullying and other abuse issues. If this holds true, then it must follow that PMS affects women and men.

In order to test my hypothesis, I need to collect data. I am looking for the following types of information related to PMS:

Great sources of information can be found in books (especially self-help and humorous books), calendars, greeting cards, t-shirts, buttons, cartoons, personal testimonials, etc.

When submitting items via my email address, please indicate:

All contributions are valuable and will be kept strictly anonymous although I may occasionally need to ask questions of specific individuals. Questions and comments are always welcome and encouraged. Send to:

Many thanks!

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