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Bullying on radio, TV and in the newspapers
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Future programmes and features (in the UK unless otherwise stated)

Sunday 10 April 2005: Panorama, BBC1, 10.15pm: Why Bullies Win: Campaigns tell bullying victims to speak out, but does this always work? We look at how bullying is tackled in schools, asking why thousands of children are left with nowhere to turn.

Rats and Bullies
A film produced by Roberta McMillan and Ray Buffer ( probes the suicide of 14-year-old Dawn-Marie Wesley from Mission, British Columbia, who took her own life by hanging herself with a dog leash in her bedroom after systematic bullying and threats by three teenage girls from her school. Her suicide was discovered by her then-13-year-old brother who had come to her room prior to the family's dinner, to use her TV. The bullies were named in Dawn-Marie's suicide note which prompted an investigation by RCMP and Crown Counsel leading to two precedent setting cases by Canada's provincial court in which the bullies were held accountable for their threats.

Past programmes

22 November 2004: Documentary on Bullying, 10:30pm, BBC Radio 1 (97-99FM).

24 November 2004: Documentary on Bullying, 17:30pm on 1Xtra (digital radio and

Sunday 23 July 2004: Too Scared for School, 10.45pm, ITV1 (UK). A look at bullying and its effects on young people. Documentary examining four children's experience of bullying in the light of statistics claiming that almost half of all schoolchildren have experienced some form of victimisation at school. Amber couldn't cope with rumours about her implying she was pregnant and going to have an abortion; 14 year old James stood in the road waiting to be hit by a car in a suicide bid to bring an end to his misery; Rebecca spent three days in hospital after being beaten up by a gang and 15 year old Abbi refused to return to school after suffering almost two months of bullying.

Thursday 15 July 2004, 09:45am (Sydney time): Life Matters, ABC Radio, Australia looks at workplace psychopaths. You can listen live at and the audio is also streamed for about a fortnight (and transcripts available) at:

Sunday 18 July 2004, 09:10am, repeated Tuesday 20 July 2004 at 7:10pm (Sydney time): Background Briefing, produced by Ian Walker, is ABC Radio National's agenda-setting current affairs radio documentary program. This week: Psychos in Suits - find out what happens when the psychopath goes to work - a hair-raising story of toxic bosses, irrational CEOs, backstabbing co-workers, serial bullies and malignant narcissists. Includes an interview with Tim Field.  Listen live over the net at Streamed audio (available two hours after broadcast) and transcripts available (by the following Thursday) at

Sunday 6 June 2004: BBC Radio 1, 9:30pm, Sunday Surgery includes a feature on bullying with comment by Tim Field.

Monday 19 April to Friday April 23 2004: Britain's Secret Shame: Bullying a series of five programmes on bullying and abuse to be shown at 12:30pm (immediately before the One O'Clock Lunchtime News) on BBC1 on consecutive weekdays.

Wednesday 29 October 2003, 10:35pm, BBC 1: Beating the Bullies, implementation of a peer mediation scheme in a primary school in Leicester, England

Tuesdays (sometimes Wednesdays) in August and September at around 3:30pm: Tim Field is interviewed on Sam Vangeen's afternoon show on Reading 107 FM

Thursdays in August/September 2003: Life Doctor with Rhonda Britten

Thursday 27 February 2003: US chat show host Dr Phil talks about bullying:
More Dr Phil programs on bullying planned:

27-31 January 2003, 107.9 Fusion FM in Oxfordshire is discussing bullying each day this week, including school bullying, workplace bullying, relationship bullying, cyber bullying and the psychology behind bullying. There's a round-up of the week's programmes and studio interviews (including Tim Field) on Sunday 2 February starting at 7pm.

27-31 January 2003, BBC Southern Counties Radio is discussing bullying at school and at work each day this week.

Friday 31 January 2003, KFNX-AM 1100, 7:00 pm Arizona Time (not to be confused with Mountain Standard Time) or 6pm PST or 2am GMT. Barry Nixon interviews Tim Field for Workplace Violence Today: Bullying, Mobbing and Emotional Abuse in the Workplace. Listen via the Internet at

Wednesday 18 December 2002, BBC Radio 4, 1100-1130: Series following the fortunes of a South London secondary school, set up to replace a failing school. This edition looks at how the school deals with the issue of bullying

Monday 25 November 2002, Five, 1930-2030: Deepcut: the Perfect Place for Murder examines the non-combat death toll of UK service personnel in the last decade.

Monday 25 November 2002, BBC 1, 1930-2000: 4X4 Reports An investigation into the problems caused as thousands of British nurses leave the NHS for better paid careers elsewhere. Including a look at the effects on patient care in the UK, at new schemes to tackle the nursing shortage, and at the damage being done in Commonwealth countries as Britain cherry-picks their best nurses.

Thursday 28 November 2002, BBC Radio 4, 2030-2100: The Undeadly Sin. Recent corporate scandals have caused widespread public concern about business ethics. But without greed, could capitalism survive? Diane Coyle investigates.

Pelswick is a 13-year-old in a wheelchair because his legs are paralysed. When he's picked on by the school bullies, Pelswick is never short of a smart remark to stop them in their tracks.

21-25 October 2002: Rock FM, based in northwest England, is talking about bullying all this week. The feature runs all week with bulletins on the half hour between 06:30 and 09:30, at half past the hour between 11:30 and 16:30 and finally on the half hour between 17:00 and 18:30. You can hear Rock FM on 97.4 FM in northwest England or listen live anywhere in the world via the Internet:

Mondays, BBC2, 10pm: The Office, a drama in the style of a docusoap which many will find uncomfortably close to the truth. Repeated on Thursdays on BBC Choice.

Thursdays, ITV, 9pm: there's going to be a storyline in Fat Friends about bullying. The character played by Lisa Riley was seriously bullied at school and then comes face to face with her bully later in life. And the bullying starts all over again......

BBC Radio Ulster Breakfast Programme, 23 October 2002: Tim Field is interviewed in conjunction with an INTO seminar on workplace bullying.

For Queen and Country, BBC Radio 5, Sunday 20 October at 12noon: a Radio Five Live Report into the suicides (and underlying bullying and harassment) at Deepcut Army Training Barracks in Surrey, England. (Click the link and listen at any time via the Internet)

12-19 October 2002: w@rn by Helen Nelder, New Venture Theatre, Bedford Place, Brighton BN1 2PT, 7:45pm (except Sunday: 2.30pm, Monday: no performance), Tickets 7.00 (6.00 Friends of NVT), Box Office: 01273 746118. A STORY OF DOMESTIC ABUSE. Sarah is an ordinary, middle-class, professional woman - and the victim of an abusive relationship. w@rn is the story of her experience, and follows her over a period of five years as she attempts to cope with her increasingly dangerous situation. Using a mixture of realistic and abstract episodes to convey the effects of the mental and physical abuse, w@rn also reveals the impact it has on her children and explores how it feels for them all to be trapped in what should be a place of safety, their own home. w@rn was devised and first performed at the New Venture Theatre in 2000 and returns by popular demand. It is widely regarded as the best play of its type on the subject and in the past 12 months has been performed at a number of events, including training for teachers and magistrates in West Sussex and the Victim Support National Conference. Links: and . More information:

Monday 23 September 2002: Outlook, a topical programme in which Tim Field, Susan Marais-Steinman and Andreas Liefhooge discuss workplace bullying. Click here to find your local BBC World Service programme schedule and here to listen to BBC World Service via the Internet.

Thursday 12th September, BBC1, 9pm: Monstrous Bosses...And How To Be One, a one-off documentary about a bunch of employers you'll be glad you don't work for, plus a feature on victims of harassment who have dared to fight back/who are still paying the price for standing up to old employers.

Monday 9 September 2002, 11am-midday: BBC Radio Oxford - Tim Field takes part in a one-hour phone-in programme on workplace bullying

Sunday 18 Aug 2002, BBC Radio 5 Live, 1200-1230: 'Cyber Rats'. Five Live Report. The internet has become a hunting ground for manipulative men and women who prey upon impressionable victims. Matthew Chapman reports on the perils of the chat room

Monday 12 August, 10:20pm, ITV: Beverley Allitt: mad, bad or Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy? Beverley Allitt, the "Angel of Death", worked as a nurse on the baby unit at Grantham and Kesteven Hospital in Licolnshire. Ten years ago she was arrested after having murdered four babies and harmed at least nine others.

Monday 1 July 2002, 12:04-13:00 (postponed from Friday): You and Yours on BBC Radio 4 discusses proposed employment legislation in the UK. The programme includes an interview with Tim Field about bullying and the inappropriateness of grievance procedures. After the programme you can email the You and Yours team with your comments at

Friday 21 June 2001: Staffroom bullying, a four-page feature in the Times Educational Supplement (TES) Friday Magazine. Main text by Tim Field.

Tuesday 4 June 2002, 8pm: from Canada, MuchMusic Talks: The Bully Factor, a MuchMusic World Exclusive. Hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos and Jennifer Hollett.

Saturday 11 May 2002, BBC2, 2200-2230: The Stanford Prison Experiment: the story of the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment, a psychological exercise designed to examine the nature of good and evil. In the summer of 1971, a group of American students volunteered to adopt the roles of prisoners and guards in a specially controlled environment - the experiment was terminated after less than a week when it became clear that the participants were being adversely affected.

Tuesday 14 May 2002, BBC2, 2100-2200: Conflict: Social psychology experiment in which 14 volunteers take on the roles of prisoners and guards for ten days. Two psychologists follow their every move with hidden cameras, exploring group dynamics and analysing power struggles as the tension builds. In this edition, the prisoners start to pick off weak guards, the most powerful prisoner is sentenced to solitary confinement, and the guards rumble an attempted break-out.

Wednesday 15 May 2002, BBC2, 2100-2200: Order: Social psychology experiment in which 14 volunteers take on the roles of prisoners and guards for ten days. Two psychologists follow their every move with hidden cameras, exploring group dynamics and analysing power struggles as the tension builds. In this edition, a new prisoner arrives, a master set of keys is stolen, and the two most forceful prisoners come head-to-head in a showdown for leadership

Tuesday 16 April 2002, 23:58: City Survival Guide: bullying in the workplace, a short film from UK Carlton Television with advice for people being bullied at work.

Thursday 18 April 2002, 13:28: City Survival Guide: bullying in the workplace, a short film from UK Carlton Television with advice for people being bullied at work.

Thursday 18 April 2002, 15:18: Advice for Parents, a short film from UK Carlton Television on how to recognise when your child is being bullied.

Thursday 18 April 2002, 5pm: Tim Field is appearing in an item on workplace bullying with Richard and Judy, Channel 4. (Note new date)

Friday 19 April 2002, 15:03: Advice for Parents, a short film from UK Carlton Television on how to recognise when your child is being bullied.

Wednesday 20 March 2002: Channel 4 is showing an episode of Brookside in which the school bully is murdered.

Wednesday 20 March 2002: Gary Robertson discusses events in Brookside, BBC Radio Scotland, 10.30am

Tuesday 5 March 2002, 3:10am (during the night), Channel 4: Witness: We don't go to school, an examination of families who have chosen to educate their children at home. Bullying, examination pressure, cloning, insistence on conformity, obsession with dress and school uniform, government interference and the dislike of children who repeatedly ask questions are amongst the reasons why 30,000 UK families have chosen to educate their children at home. A gem of a program which targets of bullying will identify with.

Sunday 24 February 2002: The Assault Course. In the wake of an inquest into the suicide of 13-year-old Morgan Musson, allegedly from bullying, Esther Armah investigates what's going on in Britain's playgrounds and classrooms and reports on the growing problem of violence in our schools as playground bullying is no longer confined to petty bickering and name-calling. Five Live Report, BBC Radio 5 Live, 1205-1230.

Saturday 23 February 2002: CSI Crime Scene Investigation: Bully for you. The school bully is shot in the back and there are lots of suspects. But whose finger was on the trigger?

Tuesday 22 January 2002: Kilroy discusses bullying, BBC 1, 9-10am.

Thursday 24 January2002: The Trust is a fly-on-the-wall five-part documentary about working conditions in the UK's National Health Service, the NHS. Channel 4, 9pm.

Wednesday 16 January 2002: ITV's Jobs from hell: people who suffer physical and verbal abuse at work. Includes advice on how to get revenge on a boss.

Tuesday 13 November 2001: TV Jobshop's Jobline on Sky digital channel 662 investigates workplace bullying.

Tuesday 19 June 2001: Tim Field is interviewed by Philip Till, airing live at 2 pm Pacific (10pm UK) on CKNW AM 980 in Vancouver. Tune in with RealAudio, see

Mondays, 2000-2030, BBC Radio 4: hatred is a real taboo. Many harbour such feelings, but few admit to them. In Why People Hate... four people who have experienced hatred try to find out why people hate them and what either party should do about it. The first programme explores hatred towards disabled people. Colin Hughes, a BBC Parliamentary producer who suffers from muscular dystrophy, tries to understand what informs society's attitudes towards disability, through a series of conversations with some of those whom he feels have made his life more difficult.

Tuesday 5 June 2001, 4pm-9pm: discusses bullying schools and bullying in the workplace. Interviews and features are followed by a discussion between 8pm-9pm. is free-to-air via Astra Digital on channel 461, which is available to anyone with Sky Digital (and digital cable later this year). TV broadcasts live every day from a studio with huge glass walls just by the Mega-Drop in the London Trocadero - so if you're there you can look in and see the action - and if there's room come in and join the action ... and if you're not there you can join in via telephone, email and text messaging.

Tuesday 1 May 2001: Nice Work, BBC Radio 4, 4pm, a look at bullying in the voluntary/charity sector.

Wednesday 18 April: Esther Rantzen discusses teen suicide and bullycide, BBC2 (postponed from Thursday 12 April 2001 when it was replaced by a tribute programme to Sir Harry Secombe)

Friday 16 March, 7pm Arizona time (8pm Central, 2am Saturday morning UK time), Workplace Violence Today with Barry Nixon, KFNX-AM1100, Phoenix, Arizona (also some parts of Nevada and California). An hour-long discussion of workplace bullying. Listen on the web at

Saturday 10 March 2001: Psycho bosses on the loose: are you in their line of fire? Hilary Freeman writes an excellent article about psychopathic bosses in Rise, the graduate section of The Guardian.

Friday 2 March 2001: Stephen Hastings writes on Abuse of Power in the Friday section of the TES (Times Educational Supplement).

Tuesday 27 February 10.00am Vancouver time, Canada's Rafe Mair radio talk show, CKNW 980AM
Listen with real audio at
Repeated 2-3am Vancouver time (10-11am GMT) Wednesday 28 February.

Wednesday 24 January 2001 at 11:20pm: All the Rage. Victims and villains of road rage, office rage and trolley rage discuss Britain's anger epidemic. Why, where and when do the most dangerous outbursts occur?

Sunday 7 January 2001 at 9pm, repeated Tuesday 9 January at 05.05am: Suicide: secret life of Japan. This programme looks at the phenomenal rise in Japan's suicide rate (33,000 in the year 2000) and examines the devastating consequences this has had on Japanese society. Covers downsizing, restructuring, bullying and harassment at work.

Friday 15 December 2000, Channel 4, 5.25pm: Ricki Lake invites former school bullies to meet their targets today.

Tuesday 12 December 2000, ITV, 7pm: Ask the Prime Minister. A live debate in which Tony Blair fields questions by phone, email and from the studio audience on issues reflecting the concerns of the British people. Questions can be logged in advance by calling 0870 242 5666 (charged at the national rate) or by email to (Radio Times, 9-15 December 2000)

Thursday 7 December 2000, Channel 4, 9pm: The Science of Crime investigates psychopaths. "The first in a three-part series on the science of crime looks into the mind of the psychopath. Popular understanding of the psychopath has been clouded by Hollywood's portrayal of fictional serial killers, but a psychopath is just as likely to be a successful businessman as a murderer. This film asks how well the scientific community understands the condition and what hope there is for its treatment and cure" (Radio Times, 2-8 December 2000)

Channel 4's series of programs in November 2000 on stress at work, Stop, go home.

Newsweek Magazine 14 August 2000: article on mobbing by Karen Lowry Miller, European Business Editor

Bella Issue 41, 3 October 2000: feature on bullying in the workplace


June 1994: BBC2's The Business, Bullying at work with Richard Lindley, Andrea Adams and others

BBC2's Bullying: a survival guide

BBC News Online is a web site with daily national and international news and a search facility for old news items. Or try the BBC's Web Guide in which Bully OnLine is listed.

The Daily Telegraph has archives going back over five years.

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